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windows hosting

ASP.NET, Email, domain name, database and SQL server

  • Free domain included
  • ASP.NET Hosting
  • PHP5, Perl & lots of modules
  • MySQL Databases
  • Large mailboxes (POP, IMAP, SSL and more)
  • FTP access
  • Logfiles available via FTP
  • Service Center to manage all settings
  • Get online with your own domain within 24 hours!

VPS hosting

Your own Window or Linux Server

  • Hosted on Citrix XenServer 6
    (real VM, no Virtuozo or OpenVZ!)
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Any Operating System: Linux or Windows (customer license)
  • Dedicated Memory and CPU resources!
  • Full 'console' access via Web-interface (reboot, boot-cd, etc.)
  • Custom Cisco Firewall on request (we open/close the ports you want)
  • Gold Support 24x7
  • Online within 12 hours!

instant support

Emergency response or Datacenter maintenance/help needed?

  • All locations in the Randstad within 2hours!
  • Wether you only need 'Remote Hands' or in-depth expertise about Windows, Linux, Cisco Routers/Switches, Hardware, Active Directory and much more.
  • Expert in Disaster Recovery, storage problems, partitions and more.
  • You can call us 24x7

Out-of-Band management network for Utrecht University - Thursday, July 09, 2015
Gigaweb builds an Out-of-Band (OOB) management network for Utrecht University, based on HP Procurve switches, optic fiber and Moxa Terminal Servers. In future this will reduce downtime created by configuration errors, travel time to the datacenters and adds exceptional low-level control to all major core devices in the network which vary from Cisco routers to NetApp storage. 

Several Upgrades - Monday, June 01, 2015

All servers are upgraded to the latest XenServer 6.5. In future a decision will be made to move to Hyper-V or stay with XenServer.

New connections are operational which give a boost to upload and download speeds.


For more news, look in the news archive.

about us

Gigaweb is the solution provider in ICT. The expertise, competitive products and innovations will help you achieve your goals. Gigaweb is your one-stop-shop for hosting, consulting, instant support, IVR systems and much more. Take a look at the products & services to view how our wide range of offerings can assure your company of ICT without worries!

In the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Gigaweb contributes its part. Below a few examples:

  • Gigaweb uses 100% green electricity for all purposes.
  • Cooling of servers is done without air conditioning, air is naturally removed, saving 45% energy.
  • All servers are fully virtualized, this prevents power consumption to unused hardware resources.
  • Working remote is used up, whether to keep appointments with customers, suppliers or managing own servers. Through teleconferencing, VOIP and VPN connections, which make it possible to work from any location, the pressure on roads and CO2 emissions are minimized.
  • Gigaweb supports local initiatives in youth, health and welfare. See also the financial results.
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