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Website and Server Managing Tools

FileZilla FTP Client   Manage files on you website using FTP (upload/download)
Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 Manager   Manage your IIS7 account: config Error pages, applications, etc.
Putty   Using Putty you can connect and manage your Linux Server/VM via SSH or Telnet
WinSCP   Copy files and folders from/to your Linux Server/VM
Citrx XenCenter   Manage your Xen VM or XenServer
jFTP   Portable FTP/SFTP/SMB/NFS Client (no installation needed, runs on Java)



PC Rescue Software

ClamWin Anti-Virus   Do you have a virus on your Windows computer? Then download the free Anti-Virus scanner ClamWin.
This antivirus software is open-source and you won't get annoyed with "please register" popups or trial versions.
PC Inspector Smart Revovery   Lost all your photos from a Flash memory card? Using PC Inspector Smart Recovery you've a good chance to recover those files/photos. Smart Recovery is freeware!
Macrium Reflect Free   Reflect Free is free Backup software which can easily create an 'image' (snapshot) of your harddisk, do not backup or copy your separate files but create a full clone of your system on (example) an external harddisk (and recover your system in case of emergency or even recover a single file).
Microsoft SyncToy   Free tool to synchronize data between several spots (example: your computer and an USB-stick or an external harddisk).
MalwareBytes   Remove that die-hard Mallware with this free tool (Try ClamWin first).
SoftPerfect File Recovery   Accidentally removed a file or folder from your computer? Try to recover it using this free tool!



Company files

Timesheet   Timesheets must be completed and signed off monthly.
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