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History of Gigaweb

Gigaweb is found at the 4th of April 2000 as a sole proprietor by Roel Broersma, a young entrepreneur from the small village Kortenhoef (The Netherlands).

First enthusiastically started with Webhosting and Internet (still the specialty of Gigaweb B.V.), later expanded this to all facets of that one would expect from a complete solution provider.

After 4 years, Gigaweb B.V. started a partnership with SIDN (Foundation for Internet Domain Registration) and registers it's own domein as registrar.

Since 2005, various activities are hosted 'in-house', resulting in less third-party dependencies. This raises more possibilities in the area of customized hosting, backend connections and a higher level of service.

In 2007, Gigaweb's entire Server parc has been updated and migrated to a fully virtualized platform based on XenServer. A redundant SAN is used for the storage of virtual machines. The benefits of virtualization are daily visible and being used.

After almost 10 years, on September 27th 2009, the sole proprietorship Gigaweb is passed into the private company Gigaweb B.V.

Development of the 'Containerized data center' concept, which gives freedom in (re)location and is build by a modulair design. This concept is now being rolled out by various customers. In each situation the best and most efficient possible solution is offered for (emergency)power as well as cooling, which varies between air conditioning to air/water heat exchangers or 'natural cooling'.

In all the years, several partnerships with eg SIDN (Foundation for Internet Domain Registration), Cisco, Citrix, HP and Dell have been made.

After years of working experience in many different industries with widely divergent size of businesses, Gigaweb B.V. has the specialized knowledge needed to help companies and entrepreneurs to provide a good consultation.

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