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Do you have custom applications, specific requirements or you simply want to just focus on your core business?
Then managed hosting is your solution.

With Managed Hosting everything is possible:

  • Each hardware configuration, location of the hardware and type/brand of the hardware.
  • Each software stack and (custom) application.
  • Outsourcing all management or just parts (think about: technical management, application management and functional management).
  • Numerous other agreements are possible regarding custom backup, reporting, response time, uptime, installation of patches/updates, etc.

Won't worry about updates?  Then leave it up to the experts, same for the test process, creating and securing backups, supporting your staff and contributing ideas to a future proof solution.

Managed hosting is not an 'expensive' solution as commonly thought, just imagine the benefits:

  • Experts do what they do best, making them faster and provide better quality solutions. You can go on with your core business.

  • Save yourself the misery and costs of wrong decisions, experts have more knowledge and experience. They take account of growth, costs and functionality. They help you to come straight to your point.

With managed hosting, everything is possible, often only certain parts outsourced, such as hosting, doing updates, technical management and security. Do you work with an apllication for years, then you'll just do the application management yourself. You outsource only what is profitable for you!

Also see the benefits of Managed Services...

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