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When one physical server is divided into several small servers, then the 'small servers' are called virtual servers.
The advantage is that you just pay for a 'piece' of a server and still have complete freedom and own your own (virtual) server.

The virtual server is completely separate from the other virtual servers. There are three packages with different 'hardware' specifications: Basic, Deluxe and Premium. In terms of software you do have more freedom: you can run virtually any operating system and precisely configure and install what you want.
An additional advantage is that a virtual server can easily be 'picked up' and be run on another physical server. It is even possible to make a copy and use it as a test environment (at home). Wat betreft flexibiliteit en uitwijk mogelijkheden biedt een virtuele server u dus ook veel meer dan een fysieke server. Tel daar het prijsvoordeel bij op en u begrijpt waarom virtualisatie zo Hot is!

We prefer using the word 'VMs' (Virtual Machines) instead of VPS because it is often mentioned as a cheaper interim solution where you don't have all freedom in terms of operating system and software. Gigaweb does provide real VMs that are based on Citrix XenServer.
Gigaweb is a certified Citrix Silver Solution Provider for XenServer.

main features Basic Deluxe Premium
Disk space 10 GB 20 GB 50 GB
Memory (RAM) 256 MB 1024 MB 2048 MB
VCPUs (2GHz Intel Xeon) 1 2 2
Traffic 10 GB 30 GB 100 GB
Citrix XenServer version 6 6 6
Dedicated IP Address yes yes yes
Managed Cisco Firewall yes yes yes
Connected to a Cisco switch at 1Gbit/s (layer3) yes yes yes
Internal switching speed (between VMs) of 2Gbit/s yes yes yes
Dedicated Storage and Memory (no overbooking!) yes yes yes
Almost all Operating Systems are possible
(Windows XP/7/2000/2003/2008, Linux, Debian, etc.)
yes yes yes
Monitored by Nagios/Centreon yes yes yes
Automatic failover to another machine in case of a hardware failure yes yes yes
Online within 12 hours! yes yes yes
Service Center, 'console' access, reboots, etc. yes yes yes
Excellent support Silver support= email Gold support= 24x7 phone Silver support Gold support Gold support
Pricing €35,- €49,- €69,-


Extra features
Domain name see the Domain names page
1024 MB extra memory (RAM) € 9,- / month
10 GB extra disk space € 9,- / month
Custom backup free, in consultation
Import/export of a VM free, in consultation
Extra IP address
(eg. for use with SSL/Certificate) Silver support
€ 4,50 / month


Prices are excl. 21% VAT and per month.

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